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Campaigners have described the recent pollution of Brighton beach with many thousands of small polystyrene balls as an “ecological disaster”. This horrendous pollution incident has prompted a campaign group to appeal for volunteers to help clean up the beach.


It’s believed that the polystyrene originates from a damaged pontoon, located off the Kent coast. The polystyrene pollutants have drifted westwards and can now be seen and found along more than a mile of Brighton beach. They are mixing with the sand and shingle, making the clean-up operation extremely challenging, which is why volunteers are being called for.


There is a great deal of concern over the anticipated break down of these polystyrene balls into microplastics which will inevitably be eaten by small fish and sea creatures causing them to suffer due to the toxic chemicals in polystyrene. Ultimately, we will also experience the impact when contaminated fish and shellfish are consumed.


While this contamination incident might be considered only a small disaster, when compared to other worldwide pollution events, it’s enormously damaging to our local environment and wildlife.




Insight Security - Committed to Minimising Environmental Impact


As a business, Insight Security is highly committed to minimising the impact it has on the environment. Over 30 years of trading we have continuously examined and reviewed our operations, making a number of positive changes to minimise our environmental impact. We hope that, by sharing our journey so far, we can encourage other businesses to consider the changes they can make to minimise their impact on our environment.


Every business is unique so the options available will need to be considered in each case. And the strengthening international focus on climate change and environmental protection means that there are new products and solutions evolving continuously. So its important for enterprises to be aware of what they need to do and the tools available to help them achieve their environmental goals.


The Insight Security environmental initiative breaks down into 5 key areas:


Environmental commitment and responsible company ethic.

Supplier liaison and performance

Waste reduction and recycling

Energy efficiency

Optimised packaging and distribution


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