How can you tell if you need a business coach?


Are you a growing business wondering how to get to the next level? Whether you launched your business recently or a long time ago, chances are you started off with a great idea and bags of entrepreneurial energy. But what now? If you’re finding that there aren’t enough hours in the day to stay on top of all the things you need to do to run a business, or your profit margin is becoming increasingly diluted, or the challenges you face seem too complex for your experience, you know you need to take action. But how?


While you can probably think of a few ways to tweak the business to give you some short-term performance improvements, what you really should be doing is to stand back and regain the overall perspective on where you are headed. With some clear goals and specific tools to get you there, your organisation can become a lot more efficient, productive and profitable – but you do have to do the work.


This is where a business coach is your best ally. They will make you work smarter and harder so that you progress considerably faster than you would on your own. They will help you define your target customer and win more profitable businesses, retain clients and recruit the best staff. They will also help you pinpoint weaknesses in your leadership and in your team that are letting down your workplace mindset and culture. The positive results of working with a business coach across the piece are unarguable.





Source: Da Costa Coaching


So, how can you tell whether your business is in the right place to benefit from professional coaching to help with management development and strategic business planning? Here are 4 key signs and symptoms you should be looking out for.


1.You’re not sure where your business is (or should be) going

While it’s all so clear at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep the plates spinning once the business starts to grow. Are you a jack-of-all-trades struggling with invoicing and accounts, marketing campaigns, distribution and fulfilment, staff issues and more? All the while trying to carry out your core business? If you are finding that your energies are getting swallowed up by the daily grind of running the business, you’re not alone.


A business coach can help you work on rather than in the business. With expert outside assistance, you can define a clear set of strategic objectives, clarify your roles and responsibilities as a business owner and show you ways to delegate certain tasks so you don’t end up doing everything yourself.


2. You’re finding it impossible to meet your business goals

Creating a plan is all well and good, but can you stick to it? Perhaps your strategic goals are too hazy, your milestones not clearly defined and your targets too ambitious? They say that a plan without action is just a dream. Are you struggling to push yourself and your team hard enough to meet your objectives, or you just never have the time to get around to making any progress? You may need help with personal accountability.


Your business coach will hold you accountable each week for getting stuff done, meeting deadlines and achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Monthly coaching sessions are tremendous for creating accountability – spend time together to look at your tasks and targets objectively and review where efforts are wasted and time is lost. That way, your ‘homework’ gets done and your business moves forward in the right direction.



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