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Extech Pioneering the way.
05 Sep

Extech Pioneering the way.

Extech is blazing new trails with business innovation strategy Over the past six months Extech has been working closely with the University of Brighton on an exciting new project to obtain grant funding from Innovate UK to develop and implement a business innovation strategy for the company.

The scheme is known as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, KTP for short. The KTP scheme aims to fund the most innovative and strategic projects which bring about transformation changes to companies, so it’s extremely exciting that Extech’s application has been successful! Both Extech and Brighton university are passionate about embracing change, the only constant in business today. The programme officially starts this summer and the successful candidate will work alongside Extech for the next two years, supported by various industry specialists from within the University, who have a joint objective to develop and implement a transformational and disruptive business innovation strategy.

See below for full details of the KTP programme and what it will entail: