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Business Pulse Services
10 Aug

Business Pulse Services

Business Pulse stands for…”Transforming business to great effect, controlling business finances and helping formulate a strategy for business, which pays dividends, now and into the future”

“I bring fresh perspectives to organisations, hold senior management to account, and create opportunities for growth. I am particularly good at instigating change in culture and mindset in all board environments, big or small, leading to dramatic improvement in financial bottom line results”

Nass Business Pulse

Taking time out to create and action a strong, detailed strategy appears to be a key path to small business growth. For small business owners, good professional advice can offer the most effective way to devise - and maintain – such a strategy. The first step is recognising the importance of spending time working on - not in - your business.

  • Cash/Capital raising through peer to peer funders
  • Growing the revenue top line
  • Being tough & ruthless on costs, where necessary
  • Refining & redefining sales and marketing initiatives
  • Identifying business inefficiencies & eradicating them
  • Mentoring key business staff
  • Preparing the owners to take more dividends out of the business whilst not putting the business at risk
  • Preparing the stakeholders to ready their business for sale or earn out or Management Buy Out (MBO)
  • Preparing owners for their final exit plan

Many small business owners say that not having the time to step back from the day to day running of their business to focus on longer-term strategy, is a barrier to growth. One of the best ways to create effective strategies – and, vitally, to ensure you take the necessary time out to do so - is to take professional advice.


‘Nass has been a great asset to our business from the first day he started supporting us. In a relatively short time he has transformed, to great effect,  the way we control our business finances and he has helped us with forming a strategy for our business, which is now paying dividends.  I would recommend  Nass to anyone that needs help with growing their business’
Mark Dansie, Project Manager and Technical Director,
IT Document Solutions


“Nass has been working with some of the Entrepreneurs who are part of the Entrepreneurial Spark Powered by Natwest programme for about 18 months now. Nass adds immense value to the business relationships that he forms and works hard to ensure that connections made are followed up and come to fruition.  He is an astute businessman who can spot opportunities on how to help individuals and business.  Nass has been a valuable mentor and supporter for our programme.
Fiona Anderson, Fiona Anderson| Entrepreneur Development Manager | Commercial and Private Banking, Natwest Bank plc

"I have been working with Nass on several of my business ventures and have found him approachable, friendly and professional. Most importantly though, to a business owner, he is sharp and direct offering clear, concise, no fuss recommendations. We have made significant improvement to our business."

Claire Love, Founding DirectorLWS Marketing

“The Finance Monthly Fintech Awards recognises the true innovators who help drive the Fintech sector forward and help make the sector what it is today. 

The Fintech Awards acknowledge and reward the individuals, firms, start-ups and banks who are recognised as leaders and thought leaders in their area of expertise. Award nominations are open to those that devise and design new financial technology, those that implement systems, and those who adopt new systems and technology - which in turn enhances customer experience. In addition, key categories include; Payment Innovation, Customer Experience, Data, Trading, Cyber Security and Lending to name but a few. 

Each award accolade will be given based on the number of nominations received and research conducted by the Finance Monthly editorial team and judging panel.”