10 Tips to Bounce Back Better


As Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy, business must prepare their own strategy for how they will return back to work safely.


What will the new normal look like?


We must come together to help and support one another and our community in any way that we can. Remember that you are not alone, we are in this together.


Rap Interiors are helping businesses create their new normal and get back to work better than ever with 10 ways that can be easily implemented into the workplace. As the hygiene and safety of employees are a top priority, employers must take this seriously to accommodate their well-being.


  1. Office Clean
  2. Workstation Cleanliness
  3. Space Planning
  4. Air Hygiene
  5. IT Systems
  6. Employee Well-Being
  7. Finances
  8. Contactless Options
  9. Signage
  10. Protective Screens




Download the E-Book here to dive deeper and see how you can apply each tip into your business.


Get Advice from Industry Experts


Rap Interiors are speaking with industry experts so you can get the best advice you need to get back to business in the safest way possible. Know that you are not alone as they discuss the struggles they have seen and how to overcome any issues.

See the interview series here

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