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Sussex Chamber of Commerce carries out numerous surveys to ensure that your business voice heard within Government, opening new business opportunities in local, national and international markets, or providing critical business advice, services and skills development.

Building our Industrial Strategy Survery

The British Chambers of Commerce has been directly engaged in the development of the Industrial Strategy Green paper with the Secretary of State Greg Clark, and continues to facilitate direct engagement between government and accredited Chamber business communities across the UK. The developing Industrial Strategy represents a crucial first milestone in a renewed partnership between business and government, working together to create the conditions for future growth. We look forward to engaging with government to develop these proposals further, and ensure that the specific needs and interests of the UK's diverse business communities are at its heart. A deliberate and steady approach that leads to long-term change is the right way to go.

Chamber leaders across the UK are committed to engaging on the industrial strategy and ensuring that the growth opportunities in our areas are maximised. We now have an important opportunity to influence a 'blueprint document' that could influence business success for years to come. 

We are seeking your views in order to inform the British Chambers of Commerce so that a consolidated response can be submitted to Government. 

The questions in this consultation are structured around the 10 pillars outlined in the green paper:

Please read the attached PDF - Building Our Industrial Strategy Green Paper.pdf 

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Expires 20/03/2017