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As a member of Sussex Chamber of Commerce you are covered by a Legal Expenses Insurance to protect you from unexpected legal fees and financial penalties. This essential benefit is part of your membership and includes access to a 24/7 Legal Advice service.

Provided by Composite Legal Expenses your business benefits from over £1,000,000 worth of cover.

Any business fortunate enough not to have been embroiled in a legal dispute can count themselves lucky. No matter how well you plan and manage your business you never know when you are going to face unexpected, expensive legal and professional fees.

In addition to the many employment related disputes businesses also find themselves having to defend Inland Revenue investigations and HSE prosecutions. Your business could also find itself involved in legal disputes relating to its property or with a Landlord.

Your business has access to up to £65,000 worth of professional fees each year to cover...

  • Employment Disputes – The cost of defending actions brought by employees including unfair dismissal & discrimination claims.

  • Employment Awards – Covers the employment tribunal compensation award in the event of failure in your employment representation.

  • Prosecution Defence – Cost of defending a prosecution for an offence relating to your business activities including the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

  • Tax, VAT, PAYE and NIC Investigations – Cover is provided to pay professional fees resulting from in depth investigations.

  • License Protection – Where your business is dependent on holding a statutory license in order to trade, cover is provided for appeal costs where the license is at threat.

  • Data Protection Act – Cost of defending civil proceedings bought against your business under the Data Protection Act.

  • Property Legal Protection – Enables your business to pursue legal rights arising from negligent acts of others affecting your property.

  • Landlord Disputes – Representing your interests in disputes with landlords over the business lease or tenancy agreement.


  • Jury Service Allowance – Up to £1000 per claim to compensate for the loss of an employee attending court or tribunal.

  • 24/365 Legal Advice Line – Solicitors and other professionals on hand to provide a telephone based legal advisory service.

And employee benefits such as...

  • Personal injury (£75,000) – Legal Expenses cover is included for all employees and their partners to pursue compensation following a personal injury

  • Business Motoring (£75,000) – Pursuing uninsured losses following a non-fault road traffic accident including excess recovery, car hire charges and credit repair.

  • Consumer Disputes (£1000) – Up to £1000 worth of professional fees following a personal dispute arising from the purchase or sale of faulty goods or services.

Download Chamber Legal Expenses Policy Wording PDF

Please download the Chamber Legal Expenses policy wording to fully understand all policy terms and conditions or speak to an advisor by contacting the Chamber Legal Advice Line.

Chamber Legal Advice Line

In the event of a dispute it is essential that you contact the Chamber Legal Advice Line (0871 423 5239) at the earliest opportunity. Delaying notifying the insurers could jeopardise your ability to be covered, so if in doubt call.

The Advice Line will provide Member businesses with telephone based signposting advice about any legal issue and where possible prevent issues from escalating in the first place.

In March 2009 the team at Composite Legal Expenses Ltd put together a panel of advisors who are specialists in the areas of Debt, Cash-flow and Insolvency in response to the massive surge in enquiries relating to these subjects. The panel is accessible through the existing Chamber Legal Advice Line on 0871 423 5239.

Composite Legal Expenses has also launched a new look website - - which includes a dedicated Chamber microsite with up to date information for Chamber Members.