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Chamber Health and Safety

Chamber Health and Safety

Chamber Health and Safety offers members access to the information and guidance required to help them manage their health and safety (HS) requirements. The service is a national scheme, endorsed by the British Chambers of Commerce and delivered by partners, Qdos Consulting

What's included?

HS Advice Line - 01455 852043

  • Manned by HS advisors offering advice and guidance

  • Unlimited Calls

  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Assistance with using the ChamberHS web site

Web site -

  • A bank of hundreds of downloadable template policies, procedures and forms

  • A compliant Health and Safety Policy

  • Template organisational responsibilities and structure

  • Regular health and safety updates

  • An online HS health check

Why your business needs ChamberHS

Every business, even the self-employed, needs a person responsible for health and safety. If you employ five or more people, by law, you must have a written Health and Safety Policy, although this may not be enough to ensure compliance with Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

The person responsible for Health and Safety within your business is also responsible for contractors, service engineers and any member of the public who may be affected by your work activities. Unless you are compliant the risks are high.

Did you know..?

  • Last year over 18,290 enforcement notices were issued

  • The average penalty per HSE conviction was £17,612

  • In 2010/2011 there were 115,379 non fatal injuries at work and 68.4 million working days were lost, 21.1 million of which were due to work related ill health.

  • Approximately 4,000 cancer deaths a year are due to past exposure to asbestos

Why ChamberHS benefits your business

  • Reduce Risk - remove the fear of HSE prosecutions

  • Save Money - you have free access to experts when you need them so there is no need to pay for ad hoc advice from specialists

  • Peace of mind - if your business is threatened by an HSE prosecution it is distracting and stressful - with ChamberHS you have nothing to worry about

  • You are not alone - with ChamberHS you know that the advice and guidance of experts is only a phone call away

  • Good Practice - with ChamberHS you can be confident that your business operates good practice and professionally